Individual Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching Plans and Pricing

Everyone is unique and has different needs.  With this in mind, we’ve designed our coaching packages with flexibility in cost and time commitments.  We would love to help you choose the right solution for you, contact us now to schedule your free consultation and learn which solution best suits your current needs.

Per Diem

  • Hourly coaching sessions available to fit to your schedule.
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Meet twice per month to see better results over just one session.
  • 2 x Month – $250
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This three-month intensive program was created to transform your life in any area(s) you desire.
  • Perfect for Entrepeneurs
  • Learn about YOU, your unique interests, strengths, beliefs and values.
  • Learn how to use this knowledge to get the most out of your life
  • *Meet up to twice per week for three months.
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What Our Customers Are Saying about

Jennie’s Individual Coaching

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Jennie has the best quality you can have in a coach – the ability to listen. She doesn’t spend a whole session telling you what you should do. She listens to you and ASKS YOU questions.

And then after you say you can do something, she holds you accountable to do it! That was a great motivator for me, and I usually accomplished my project. And if I didn’t, she didn’t consider that a failure, she just realized that I needed a different approach.

But we got to solutions faster because she would listen to me and could tell what would or wouldn’t work for me, so we could get straight to the things that I would be willing to stick with to bring about the results I wanted. Jennie is an A+, number 1 coach. Plus she’s fun and nice!”

~ Jane Tolman

“Jennie Friedman is a compassionate and caring coach.

She devotes herself to giving the best help she can to tremendous results.

She is generous and kindhearted. Her professional skills and knowledge pair with her sweet spirit to make her the perfect ADHD life coach.

She uses proven techniques to help you finally meet goals. It is truly a pleasure and honor to work with her.

~ Karen Delinski

“[..] I was lacking so much in my personal and business life.

Jennie got me on the phone and asked me lots and lots and lots of questions then she said you NEED to create a program that is over the top.

We brainstormed and then she told me what I needed to do. I was very nervous about it but did exactly what she said.

Within a week I had re-developed a level of confidence that I hadn’t had in years.

My business has doubled in a months time, but more importantly I am a new person.

Jennie has updated my life in such an incredible way that I am surprised daily by the things I am accomplishing.

~ Tim Tarpley